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New Zealand south island alps

About Us

Hey there guys and gals,


I'm Jason, and my wife and I are passionate about healthy eating and self-sufficiency. I have been a hunter and fisherman my whole life and my wife is obsessed with growing organic vegetables in her garden to feed the family and sometimes the neighbors as well. We also have a steady stream of fresh eggs from our chickens which nearly rounds out our daily platter.


Over the years I have noticed the decline in social acceptance for food harvesting activities that have been around since the very beginning. Hunting animals is becoming somewhat of a taboo topic as it is synonymous with guns and some "so called" experts are peddling the line that home grown food is not safe and more expensive than that from the supermarkets. In a very few extreme cases I have even heard some say that fishing is a cruel activity.

Luckily, there is still a large number of us that don't subscribe to this way of thinking and, from my own observations, we are in fact growing in numbers.


Hunt Fish Grow is a site designed to compile the knowledge and experience of many individuals and build a community based on mutual respect and a passion for the great outdoors. We want this to be a safe space where like minded people can share their opinions without fear of being judged on their choice of lifestyle.

So, why don't you join us and subscribe to the site. Once your a member you can hop onto the forum and ask questions, discuss topics or just post some of your wisdom for others to benefit from.

We do however ask that you please be respectful to other members opinions and don't use unnecessary negative language. Look at it like this. If you don't think you'd say it face to face to a 6' 5" guy built like a red wood who could take you out by just looking at you sternly then, you probably shouldn't say it on this site. Please don't be a keyboard warrior.

We hope you enjoy the site and help build our hunting, fishing and growing community.

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